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December 29, 2008

A better solution for “stones”?

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Over the years, I’d hear about the pain of stones – most recently from The Dude – usually described as kidney stones. One afternoon in 2007, as I was sitting at my desk, I had a strange pain, brief and more like a stinging, run through my abdomen. It was as if I’d had an internal paper cut. A day or so later, I mentioned it to my chiropractor. “Sounds like a kidney stone,” she said. I was astounded. Me? Kidney stones? (later, I read that stones can also be in the liver and gall bladder).

My chiropractor suggested I take the ortho-phos flush. I read about various flushes that Edgar Cayce recommends but when I discovered that my youngest daughter had done the ortho-phos flush a few years back (apparently I’d repressed this information), I decided to follow her example, even though I still couldn’t believe I had stones. However, I certainly did not want to have serious pain, because I am the Queen of Wimps. 

My chiropractor and my daughter both advised me to buy only the ortho phos – they know my diet is reasonably good, lots of veggies and grains, not much red meat.  (The folks at suggest you use what they call the “Ortho-Phos Beginner Special” to clean out the body in many ways. We were all sure I didn’t need the “special” so I only bought bottles of ortho phos but each person makes their own choice of what to buy.)   

Each day, for 3 days, morning and afternoon, I sipped my way through 32 oz apple juice (organic) to which I’d added 1/2 oz of ortho phos. The leaflet from the Herb Finder explains that the ortho phos softens the stones so there will be no damage (or pain) to the ducts when they are passed. They add that a mostly fruit & veggie diet on the third day makes it easier to see the stones without having to “hunt” or “dig” for them.)

On the night of the 3rd day, after my last meal (mostly fruits and vegetables that day) I poured 1 cup of olive oil, 1 cup of fresh grapefruit juice and the juice of a fresh lemon into the blender.  For sure I was not happy as I watched this mixture mixing. What a heck of a cocktail. It wasn’t too bad to sip it and once I told myself I didn’t have to drink it in a hurry, I managed to sip until it was all gone. Then I chewed on some citrus rind to cut the oil taste in my mouth. As recommended, I lay on my right side, with my knees up to my chest for a good 30 minutes after the “cocktail.”  

The next morning, I passed quite a few stones. Without pain. Large ones, small ones – enough stones to have caused me a major problem and a visit to the ER.  


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