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The Dude

The Dude

The Dude is 66 years old and just hitting his stride. Purportedly “retired,” he’s busier than ever – just able to set his own schedule, easily the best thing about being retired.


He resides in the far northwest corner of Oregon and lives on the banks of Alder “Creek,” an oxbow lake a long stone’s-throw from the mouth of the mighty Columbia River.

He’s a bachelor – a widower for the last four years – with four more-or-less adult kids and six grandkids ranging in age from 20 months to 25 years, all of whom are the light of his life.

The Dude’s made his home in the Pacific Northwest for 30 years now, nearly long enough to be mistaken for a native. Before that, a frighteningly long list of previous abodes in other locales: California, Montana, Arkansas, Minnesota, South Dakota, South Vietnam, South Carolina, Southern Mississippi, Minnesota (again), and California (his birth state – one should never be judged by where he’s born, the Dude maintains, only where he’s gone since).

The Dude still misses Elizabeth, his wife of 35 years, who left this good place four years ago, way too soon. But he’s okay now, sharing his humble abode with two mini-dachshunds, Rupert and Deeta:

Deeta and Rupert

They all share a similar physical type, but it’s unclear whether the dogs have come to resemble their master or vice-versa.

Employment-wise, the Dude finally found his calling as a writer, after many other careers: building contractor, B&B owner, forester, business development manager, and Air Force officer; he’s a Vietnam vet, proud to have served and pleased to have survived.

At the moment, the Dude’s doing some free-lance writing and editing and hopes to be tasked by the local community college to develop writing courses for students and adult learners. He’s written four novels, two of which he immediately burned, and two of which are the best mystery/thrillers never published – and he has collaborated with Noisette on a script for “Monk,” the TV series; that script is being read by the show’s producers now – wish Noisette and the Dude luck – and watch for “Monk and the Archer,” hopefully appearing soon.

The Dude will also build a wooden yurt some day – after his Victorian home in Oregon’s oldest city finally sells – he asks your prayers for the revitalization of our housing market!

Politically, the Dude’s liberal – or progressive, if you’re happier with that designator. But he’s neither radical nor intolerant of anyone’s views about anything – except intolerance and bigotry, which he cannot and does not abide.

He’s thrilled with our new president-elect and being an incurable optimist, looks forward to better days ahead for us all. He doesn’t waste much time with doom-sayers and people who see things only in shades of black or white.  He believes in gun control and yet, owns a handgun and has a carry permit, for which he offers no apology. He’s also a card-carrying member of the ACLU.  Go figure.

The Dude’s fondest wish – besides Peace on Earth and finally getting published – is that folks will stop by here – often. And tell him what they think.

He doesn’t think we talk enough, or think enough.

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