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October 24, 2008

Why this “golden age” vet is voting for Obama/Biden

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  Hi folks – welcome to our blog!    

This is the Dude speaking (aka Dennis Berry) – you’ll hear from Noisette soon. Both of us are new to this venue but eager to join the conversation – and we hope you’ll talk back at us.  Avoid attack language, if that’s even possible in these last couple weeks of the campaign.  But please, do try – we’ll do the same.

Starting a blog is easy – figuring out what to say, not so much.  So I’d thought I’d start by sharing a letter I sent about a month ago to my local newspaper in Astoria, Oregon and to the Portland Oregonian.

For reasons known only to the editors of the Daily Astorian and Oregonian, my letter wasn’t published. So hey!  Now it will get published!

Read on, folks – and tell me what you think.

To The Oregonian, Daily Astorian
Subject Why this “Golden Age” vet is voting for Obama/Biden
Message Like John McCain, I served in Vietnam in 1968 (during the Tet Offensive, when we began to lose the war). Fortunately, unlike John McCain, I wasn’t captured; I could come home and get on with my life.  

In 1968, I voted for Richard Nixon, over my fellow Minnesotan, Hubert Humphrey – I did so because Nixon promised he had “a plan to end the war, with honor.” He did: he simply declared victory and scrammed. That was the last time I voted for a Republican.

Nixon’s plan to end the Vietnam war sounds a lot like John McCain’s plan to end the war in Iraq, doesn’t it? Except McCain has already declared victory but thinks we need to stay there anyway.

But I’m not voting for Obama just because he recognized the futility of fighting wars that erode, rather than advance, our national interest and our international prestige – and turns doubters into terrorists every day. 

I’m voting for Obama because he will usher in a new era of growth for our nation. Not just growth in our gross national product, though that will surely happen as we convert our addiction to Middle-Eastern oil to an ongoing, “Manhattan Project” -scaled investment in clean energy and efficient use of natural resources. Doing so will make us completely energy-independent within 10 years – even as it creates millions of new, non-outsourceable high-income jobs. 

No longer will countries headed by people who despise us control our nation’s destiny; no longer will we be slaves to oil companies and the lobbyists who so freely pass around money on their behalf, egged on by their lackeys in the White House.

By moving us forward into the good new days, Obama’s plans for our country will also let us revisit the good old days, when we felt confident about ourselves as a nation and as a people, rather than fearful and helpless, awaiting the next calamity.

Obama will begin with a coherent foreign policy that will elevate the United State’s stature world-wide. Our foreign policy will be inclusive, rather than exclusive, based on shared interests and common values, rather than an “us versus them” mentality (the real meaning of the “Bush Doctrine). Obama and Biden will emphasize negotiation and diplomacy, rather than threat after threat after threat – threats that can only be backed up by going to war, again and again and again, to no effect.

On the home front, I look forward to living in a country where everyone matters again, and where anyone can express an opinion without being labeled a traiter or an anti-Christ. Where women automatically earn the same amount of money as men when performing the same work, where anyone willing to work hard can achieve success, where all children can count on a college education, regardless of their family’s income level. Where soldiers know that they will be taken care of when they return home from battle.

Where everyone knows they can get medical care when they need it, without going into debt. Where sexual orientation is no longer important to anyone and the benefits of marital unions or partnerships are denied to no one.

Where hard-working retirees like myself know that our Social Security benefits – benefits we’ve already earned – will never become a “profit center” for Wall Street investment companies. And our children and grandchildren can count on the same security.

An America, in short, where everyone counts. All of us, together – one nation, under God – all of us living up to the promises of freedom we’ve ignored for far too long.

That’s why I’m voting for Barack Obama and Joe Biden – because I’m convinced they will help us get there.

Dennis Berry
Warrenton, OR



  1. I still don’t understand why the Oregonian didn’t publish your letter!

    Comment by Steve — October 24, 2008 @ 5:58 pm

  2. Below you will find the TRUTH about Commrad Obama .

    From: Istook, Ernest
    Sent: Friday, October 24, 2008 12:50 PM
    Subject: Obama Lawyers Pooh-Pooh Voting Fraud Claims

    Most of America has a growing concern about possibilities of massive voter fraud. Yet the Obama campaign has written the U.S. Attorney General to belittle those concerns. Instead, they want those who seek inquiries into voter fraud to be targeted for federal investigation. According to Obama’s attorneys, these are “bogus claims of vote fraud to suppress voting and to influence elections in the eleventh hour.” They say it is a Republican plot “in violation of the law to harass voters and impede their exercise of their rights.”

    Obama’s lawyers actually claim, “Voter registration impropriety does not constitute actual vote fraud.”

    Inquiries into voting fraud, they say, should wait until AFTER the election-when a new President can control what is or is not looked into!

    Learn more about this legal maneuver by the Obama campaign at

    You can also read the entirety of the letters written to the U.S. Attorney General by Obama’s lawyers at First letter (sent Oct. 17) and Second letter (sent Oct. 20)

    Comment by RipX — October 24, 2008 @ 12:23 pm

  3. A response to Earnest Istook: I appreciate your remarks Earnest, and thank you for them, even if they entirely missed the point of my posting.

    I wasn’t planning on talking about voter fraud or voter mis-registration today, but will be happy to do so. We could talk about this at some length – and probably bore people out of their minds; suffice it to say that you don’t understand the difference between voter fraud and voter mis-registration. They are not the same.

    Acorn is being investigated for its self-reported mis-registration of potential voters, including Mickey Mouse and the entire backfield of the Dallas Cowboys. So far, the investigators have confirmed that the problem was caused by some lazy folks hired by ACORN to register voters; since those lazy folks were being paid per voter registered, a few of them made up names, filled out voter registration cards, and turned those in. As required by federal and state law, all registration forms – legitimate and not legitimate – were turned over to the state. A very small percentage of them turned out to be bogus.

    But unless you seriously believe that Mickey Mouse will show up at a polling station on November 4th, it’s not going to be a problem. Each state ensures the legitimacy of its list of registered voters by requiring proof of that voter’s existence and eligibility to vote. So if Mickey can prove he exists, he can vote. But I doubt that he can, so he probably won’t.

    Voter fraud, on the other hand, IS a very serious issue – and that’s what John McCain (and you) are attempting to pin on Obama by saying he’s deeply involved with ACORN’s rather insignificant problem with mis-registration.

    Voter fraud refers to people voting when they’re not allowed to, or people being prevented or discouraged from voting when they are allowed to.

    The most common manifestation of voter fraud is the challenging of the legitimacy of a group of voters, so as to discourage their votes. This particular form of fraud used to be widespread, as when some states required onerous “proofs” before handing out ballots at polling stations. The most notable instances of this particularly noxious kind of fraud used to occur with regularity in the South, as a means of discouraging African-Americans from casting their ballots. Poll taxes were another form of this kind of then-legal voter disenfranchisement.

    Thankfully, since the Voting Rights act was passed in the 60s, that problem has largely disappeared, to be replaced by more devious methods of denying certain classes of voters their right to vote.

    A classic example, unfortunately still with us, is making sure that poorer precincts and minority precincts don’t have enough voting booths or voting machines -so voters will become impatient and go home without voting.

    Sometimes, one party will challenge the legitimacy of voters in a particular district or precinct, hoping to reduce the number of votes cast in that district or precinct – as is occurring with Republican party challenges in Democrat-rich precincts in Ohio.

    In virtually every one of these situations, members of Republican Party, not the Democratic party, are responsible for the fraud. It’s not hard to understand why: Historically, the Democratic party benefits when more people vote. When fewer people vote, Republicans are more likely to win.

    None of the sources you cite mention that fact – big surprise; they are all far-right-wing websites that still post the same seamy old lies about Obama: that he was born in Kenya, that he’s a Muslim, that he associates with terrorists, that he likes basketball and chunky peanut butter.

    And of course, they all offer a special deal on Jerome Corsi’s “Obama Nation;” I see your website, world net daily, has a few thousand left to sell. Good luck with that.

    Write again, Earnest, when you feel like actually talking about the issues instead of just slamming Obama with more right-wing mud.

    Comment by noisetteandthedude — October 24, 2008 @ 3:47 pm

  4. Good letter, really from the heart. It probably wasn’t published because of the length … they want a soundbite!

    Comment by Bruce — November 3, 2008 @ 6:19 pm

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